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Storytelling from around the world

Angela is an award-winning journalist, documentary maker and communications consultant. She has reported from more than fifty countries for the BBC, the Guardian, Le Monde diplomatique, Comic Relief and many other media organisations, foundations and charities. Scroll down for a selection of her stories.

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Just one inch of water

Audio and photo assignment for Bangladesh's Centre for Injury Prevention and Research reporting on their initiatives to prevent children drowning in rural Bangladesh. Angela's story was carried by BBC Health Check.


The Yorkshire Rainforest

Angela travelled to the Peruvian Amazon with Rainforest UK to make three short films about their work with the Ashaninka Indians. 

©Mike Goldwater.

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My Stolen Childhood

Award-winning BBC documentary about ritual slavery in West Africa.

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Syrian child refugees could become lost generation

Zaatari,  is the world's largest camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan to see whether enough is being done to prevent the tens of thousands of Syrian children here becoming a lost generation. Report for BBC News and BBC Woman's Hour.

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The Bag of Rice Woman

The Food Crisis in Niger. Assignment for The Guardian.


The Refugee Journey

Radio documentary for the BBC World Service about the journeys of refugees to the UK. 


Wrestling with God

What is it like to have to wrestle with your faith and staying true to your sexuality at the same time? Documentary for BBC Heart and Soul.

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A Stitch for Syria

Thousands have fled Syria as a result of the violence which has spread to neighbouring countries. This report for BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour and short film tell the stories of Syrian refugees and Lebanese women in Tripoli who are trying to reduce sectarian tensions between families in their neighbourhoods.  A collaboration with the charity, Concern.


Sierra Leone: revenge and reconciliation

They were murderers, rapists, torturers, butchers and their victims in Sierra Leone’s civil war. Now – for the moment, since diamond-funded conflict and chaos could return at any time – they try to fight in less destructive ways and resume the real lives they can barely remember.  Angela's feature for Le Monde diplomatique was the winner of the Natali Lorenzo Prize for Journalism. Her BBC documentary of the story, Freetown Rap, was broadcast on the World Service.

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Writing the World Backwards

Short documentary film about the life story of artist Lorna Collins.


The village where half the people are at risk of blindness

Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of trachoma in the world. Angela Robson reported from the Oromia region, where nearly half the children have the disease, but where ground-breaking work surgical work is giving people back their sight. TV report on BBC World and BBC Online.

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Bomb Hunters

During the nine years of the Vietnam War the US dropped more cluster bombs on neighbouring Laos than it did world wide during the whole of World War Two. With the global increase in the demand for steel, led largely by Chinese expansion, this has driven up the price of scrap metal and unexploded ordinance is now a very valuable asset. In this article for Le Monde diplomatique and in an accompanying documentary for the BBC World Service Angela Robson travelled around the province of Xieng Khoang, where scrap metal yards have become the new fields of gold. 

©Sean Sutton/MAG

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African Child

Ivory Coast conflict isn't over

Half a million people who fled Ivory Coast during the post-election violence are afraid to return to their homes.  Assignment for Le Monde diplomatique and Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4.


Art out of the Ashes

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