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Rewilding the System

Proud to have been involved in the making of experimental documentary film, Rewilding the System, showcasing extraordinary stories of environmental activism and regeneration in Doncaster, UK and Awassa, Ethiopia.

The film came out of an arts and ecology residency awarded to five artists, who were given the opportunity to develop their skills and practice in Doncaster, along with experts in science, data, waterways and local culture.

Rewilding the System was filmed on iphones, directed by Angela Robson and Brigitte Perenyi and edited by Simon Ruben

With thanks to curator and artist Mike Stubbs, Artbomb, the Don Catchment Rivers Trust and Partners for Change Ethiopia for their support in the making of this film. #film#environmental#change#rewilding#doncaster#Ethiopia#doncatchment#rivers#Awassa#documentary

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